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Coolest Movies
1975 Three Days of the Condor

1976 Logan's Run

1977 Star Wars 

1978 Superman 
1979 First Choice: Alien  
Second Choice: Apocalypse Now 
Also Worth Watching: Moonraker 
1980 First Choice: Superman 2 
Second Choice: The Empire Strikes Back 
1981 First Choice: Raiders of the Lost Ark 
Second Choice: Escape from New York 
Also Worth Watching: Excalibur 
1982 First Choice: Blade Runner 
Second Choice: An American Werewolf in London 
1983 First Choice: Return of the Jedi 
Second Choice: Wargames 
Also Worth Watching: The Keep 
1984 First Choice: The Terminator 
Second Choice: A Nightmare on Elm Street 
Also worth watching: Dune, The Last Starfighter, The Neverending Story, Ghostbusters 
1985 Back to the Future  
1986 First Choice: Highlander 
Second Choice: Aliens 
Also Worth Watching: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home,   Top Gun 
1987 First Choice: Robocop 
Second Choice: Hellraiser 
Also Worth Watching: The Princess Bride 
1988 Die Hard 
1989 First Choice: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 
Second Choice: Back to the Future II 
Also worth watching: Batman, The Abyss 
1990 First Choice: Total Recall 
Second Choice: The Hunt for Red October 
Also Worth Watching: Back to the Future III, Flatliners 
1991 First Choice: Terminator 2: Judgment Day 
Second Choice: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country  
Also Worth Watching: Hook 
1992 First Choice: The Lawnmower Man 
Second Choice: Sneakers 
Also Worth Watching: Bram Stoker's Dracula, Patriot Games 
1993 First Choice: Jurassic Park 
Second Choice: The Fugitive 
Also Worth Watching: Much Ado About Nothing 
1994 First Choice: The Crow 
Second Choice: True Lies 
Also Worth Watching: Speed, Drop Zone 
1995 First Choice: Twelve Monkeys

  Second Choice: Virtuosity 
Also Worth Watching: The Prophecy, Highlander III, Batman Forever, Se7en  
1996 First Choice: Twiste
Second Choice: The Arrival 
Also Worth Watching: Eraser, The Rock, Star Trek: Frist Contact, Ghost in the Shell  
1997 First Choice: Contact 
Second Choice: Face/Off 
Also Worth Watching: Men in Black, Airforce One, The Devil's Advocate,
The Game
, The Saint 
1998 First Choice: Dark City 
Second Choice: What Dreams May Come 
Also Worth Watching: Deep Impact, Meet Joe Black, The Truman Show, The Negotiator 

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